FabricPath for CCIE DC

We’re all cut from the same cloth, or in other words, fabric. It only makes sense that we connect with each other in the most immediate way, with all lines of communication open and inviting. In this blog post I’ll be looking at FabricPath, it’s purpose and how it pertains to the CCIE Data Center lab exam. I’ll also run through a configuration, observing behaviors along the way. For those just looking for a sample config, a full config is provided at the bottom of this post.

This post assumes you already have a basic understanding of FabricPath.  For those looking for details on FabricPath, here are some great resources that helped me along the way.  

Nexus 7000 FabricPath
Cisco FabricPath Best Practices

Cisco Live:
BRKDCT-3313 – FabricPath Operation and Troubleshooting (2014)
BRKDCT-2081 – Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design (2014)


What is FabricPath and why use it?