Multihop FCoE to Server in vPC + NPV/NPIV

If you’re like me and had a difficult time at first understanding how to present separate VSAN fabrics to a server in a single vPC, I hope this post helps you out. I’ll be covering this exact scenario, as well as multihop FCoE with Nexus 5K switches in two topologies – Without NPV/NPIV and with NPV/NPIV.

You can run ethernet and FCoE from a server in a vPC connected to two switches. The ethernet portion of the CNA will look like a port-channel, and the fibre channel portion will look like separate connection to separate fabrics. In this topology, we have 1 northbound storage device, 2 north switches, 2 south switches, and an server connected with CNAs. Our end goal is to present the left-side A fabric of our storage device to the server on CNA1 via VSAN 101, and present the right-side B fabric of our storage device to the server on CNA2 via VSAN 102. The server should be in a vPC to both south switches, using VLAN 10 for Data, and separate VSANs for each CNA. All switches should participate in the fabric (no NPV or NPIV).

 Our topology looks like this: